Thursday, December 9, 2010

Mission Impossible 4: Starring Mother Nature!

Mother Nature is a stoic entity. Even in the most barren of places where life simply cannot thrive, over time she manages to trump even the most saavy of scientists.

One amazing example of Mother Nature’s fortitude began in 2005 when scientists from the Technical University of Munich began to analyze a rarity in today’s progressive world: a natural, blank canvas.

The test began with a coal mine that became inactive. The scientists then covered the cratered coal pit with with a clay layer which in turn, formed a water basin. Their plan involved a whole lot of nothing. No fertilizer would be used, no seeds were planted, and no organism was artificially cultivated. The scientists’ plan was to simply, sit back and wait.

Soon enough, scientists began witnessing something they had not anticipated they would see for over twenty years: life!

After only five years trees and flowers have encompassed the once barren region. In fact, the scientists have hypothesized that this sudden greenery should result in a forrest during the next twelve years (which is how long the study is scheduled to run).

Nevertheless, the simple question of how this transformation could happen so fast is being argued with no definitive cause being pinpointed. One thing is for sure, Mother Nature is as certain as she is adaptable with the ability to flourish within the impossible. Now that’s a heck of an inspiration for all to live by. Have YOU helped save the world today?

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