Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Why Gaining Weight Could Help Save the World!

Saving the world takes time, effort, and most of all, a hefty appetite! According to author Jonathan Bloom, Americans exorbitant waste of food is helping to aid in the demise of our planet! In his book, American Wasteland, Bloom says that on any given day Americans waste enough food to fill the Rose Bowl! Every. Single. Solitary. Day.

And if that poignant fact isn't enough to scare you into eating more, think of this: Not only are we wasting food, we are wasting fossil fuel. Think about it: everything that goes into growing the food, processing it, transporting it to the store and into your home, followed by the energy you use just by storing it in the fridge. But wait, there's more.

Unfortunately, according to Bloom our waste doesn't stop there. What ever happens to the food after we chuck it in the trash can? It takes a lot of energy to get your untouched food to the landfill. Once it arrives, it eventually decomposes, which then creates methane-a greenhouse gas that traps an abundance of heat-and becomes yet another contributor to our capricious climate change.

To put it in even realer terms, Bloom cites the previous BP oil spill that took nearly three months to clean up (and counting). The amount of food that is wasted in America ALONE each year is seventy times the amount of the oil that spilled into the Gulf!!! Kind of makes you lose your appetite doesn't it? Have YOU helped save the world today?

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