Monday, November 15, 2010

“You Can’t Hug Your Children With Nuclear Arms”

In the nuclear arms race, there are no winners. While over ten countries (that we know of) have admitted to developing nuclear weapons, only one has voluntarily dismantled its deadly bombs.

After voluntarily disengaging its weapons program, and therefore decreasing a government-sanctioned Armageddon by over ten percent, South Africa used its leftover nuclear fuel to produce advanced medical isotopes.

Used by doctors for today’s imaging technology, molybdenum-99 (moly) is used in eighty percent of the fifty million nuclear medical procedures performed on an annual global scale. This is the same element that in it’s previous vocation, was primarily utilized in creating deadly nuclear arms.

In a courageous and game-changing move, South Africa is exemplifying what it takes to be a true world power. By changing their course from destruction to salvation, South Africa is demonstrating how disarmament can lead to true empowerment. Have YOU helped save the world today?

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